More proof that Sandy will spare no expense to make sure the Osborne family have all the comforts of home, even on the short row from shore to ship. By installing a loo on Kumari's tender, Sandy has eliminated one more of the many inconveniences of cruising with the fitting of a deluxe TendaPotti (Pats Pend), shown here being installed on the Wee Pier [sic]. Always ahead of the game, however. can it be long before the rest of the fleet follow suit? It will be some time before any can boast more than one loo, let alone the choice of three currently afforded to the lucky Kumaris, although on past form a spare loo or two might be prudent. Where will it all end up? (in the sea probably...)


Class/ Day/ Week/ Year

Family (sailing children)/ £20/ £55/ £90

Family (no sailing children)/£15/ £40/ £65 

Family (o/65, no kids)/ £10/ £35/ £55 

Adult/ £10/ £30/ £50 

Concession/ £8/ £25/ £40 

Junior/ £5/ £15/ £25 

Skiff (Loki) only/ £5/ £15/ £30

Three free trial outings of up to 2 hours duration allowed, after which above table of fees applies.


All classes of membership except “skiff only” permit use of all club boats, subject to the Club’s safety rules. 


The above rates do not include provision of a key to the club house (see below)


Day Rates
• Day rates are discretionary according to duration of activity, or number of craft sailed/rowed, but...
• £5 to be treated as minimum for single adult. 


Boat Parking
Boat type/ Charge per half year
Large keelboat /£50
Small keelboat (including FF)/ £25
Sailing dinghy/ £15
Dinghy or tender under/ 10ft Free


Annual fee for members: £80
Weekly fee: £25


Club House Key: £5

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