Loch Broom Sailing Club

3 Feb 2018 at 16:30 in the Clubhouse

1)      Present/Apologies

Present: Donald Buchanan (Commodore Designate DB), Paul Copestake (PC), David Dawson (Secretary DD), Paul Driver (PD), Anthony O’Flaherty (AO), Dave Maxwell (Treasurer DM), Gilly Meighan (GM), Adrian Morgan (Commodore & Chair AM), John Osborne (JO), Sandy Osborne (SO), Chris Steventon (CS), Gill Wilson (GW), Nat Wilson (NW)
Apologies: Rona Johnson

2)      Approval of Draft Minutes of Previous Meetings

The proposals to approve the minutes of the committee meetings of 3rd November 2017 and 13th January 2018 were seconded (GM) and duly approved.

3)      Matters Arising (not dealt with elsewhere) - None

4)      Wee Pier

a)      SO reported on discussions with Lochshell Engineering (“LE”). Work will start work on 19th March and is scheduled to end in late May though some delay expected. The memorandum of understanding is anticipated later. The intended work includes; electricity and water supplies at the top of the pier, scrubbing platform, steps to the beach, rails down each side, mooring rings every 5/6 meters, a strong point for a winch. Throughout the work, access to the clubhouse and the beach will be retained. SO hopes to agree improvements to the land on the east side. The possibility of adding a training wall for the stream was discussed.
DB agreed that the old mussel pontoon could be cut up and it and Robbie Burns’ trailer be removed.
b)      Clearance of yard
i)        Dinghies – completed
ii)      Sliffs and winch - completed
iii)    FFs - completed
iv)    Eilean Dubh – moved in yard, Removal Action DB
c)      Mooring Trot
AM reported that it is not possible to move the whole trot west and it was agreed that one mooring be surrendered. Action DM
d)      Wish list – see a) above

5)      Officers’ Reports

a)      Commodore’s Report – nothing to report
b)      Treasurer’s Report
DM reported £9k in the account with £8k receipts and £7k expenses in 2017. Subscriptions are the dominant income and the largest expense being insurance at £1.5k. DM to explore opportunities to reduce the cost of insurance.
c)      Secretary’s Report – nothing to report

a)      Cruising - JO
JO set out the broad timetable for shakedown, summer and storm cruises and regattas and Campbell Cup.  See sailing timetable
b)      Flying Fifteens AM
AM set out target date for launch end April with first race 12th May. It was agreed that formal races be on Saturdays with informal Friday & Sunday. DM reported the intended use of WhatsApp to confirm FF race timings. Much needed replacement main and jib  for the club boats cost £150. AO has agreed to work on one club boat and CS & NW have agreed to take on the other. Antifouling needed for the club boats.
c)      Youth AO, AO & DM
Pico Week of 16th July provisional planned with six signed up, others to be encouraged to join.
d)      Skiff (PC)
Skiffing ongoing, Ullapool regatta is 7 & 8 July and it is intended to enter 50s men & women’s teams and mixed 60s. Boat to be maintained. PC
e)      Clubhouse and surrounds (Donald)
Yard Clearance Completed (ex Eilean Dubh).
An active and ongoing pruning of the unused contents of the clubhouse was agreed All.
It was noted that the Clubhouse needs some TLC and it was agreed that improvements to the fabric would be discussed after completion of the work on the Wee Pier. All
f)       RIB (SO) – nothing reported
g)      Junior Sailing
School involvement initiative not met with sufficient positive response to proceed .. yet.

7)      AGM & Royal 24th March

It was agreed that AGM to be in the clubhouse starting 17:30 on 24th March. Notice of meeting to all members to be sent per the constitution, also inform the Ullapool News  DD.
It was agreed that there was no proposal to increase the 2019 membership fees so no notice of AGM business matters need be sent to members.
It was also agreed that the notice normally required for new members to be voted onto the committee be waived this year.

DM to discuss buffet with the hotel, slight increase from 2017’s £17.50 expected.DM

8)      AOB

It was suggested that the jumble sale timing could coincide with the regatta. GN
Administration of clubhouse keys was passed from PD to DM. DM
Efforts needed to find a membership secretary. AM/All Consideration of methods of encouraging prompt payment of subscriptions e.g. enforced standing orders or early payment rewards.

Their being no other business, the meeting finished at 17:30

      Loch Broom Sailing Club
13 January 2018 at 4:30 pm mainly to discuss improvements to the Wee Pier

1.                      Present:  Donald Buchanan (Commodore Designate), Paul Copestake, David Dawson (Secretary), Dave Maxwell (Treasurer), Gilly Meighan, Adrian Morgan (Commodore),John Osborne, Sandy Osborne, Gill Wilson, Nat Wilson.
Apologies: Paul Driver, Rona Johnson, Anthony O’Flaherty, Alison Osborne, Bobby Osborne, Robert White,

2.                      Approval of Draft Minutes of Previous Meetings

2.1.                  Draft minutes of the meeting of 3rd November 2017: to be approved at a future meeting

Adrian started the discussion of LBSC’s approach to the work on the Wee Pier. Lochshell Engineering (“LE”) are due to start work at the end of February and the work is expected to take around 12 weeks.

LE are going to require access to most of the land around the clubhouse for the duration of the work. LE’s requirements of the Club’s facilities include a washdown pit with power and water plus a new ramp to the west of the Wee Pier. Other than possible occasional use, LE do not want access to the club room but would like to use the loo.

Approximate value to LE £50 per week for loo £150 for land for 12 weeks = £2400.

As well as lengthening and widening the pier, the work is understood to include; a wider access from the ramp onto the pier, steel tubing to prevent vehicles from falling off the pier and the addition of a navigation light at the end of the pier.

It was agreed that:
·         General approach - LBSC be as welcoming and accommodating as possible
·         Sandy Osborne (SO) to represent LBSC in discussions with LE including meeting with Donald Gow of LE at the site. David Dawson (DD) to draft a memorandum of understanding to be agreed with LE. DD & SO.
·         Dinghies to be removed before the start of the work. AM
·         Skiffs and winch to be rehoused AM
·         FFs to be moved to The Royal Hotel DB or An Pollach AM
·         Eilean Dubh to be moved to allow dressing of boat park. DB
·         Club mooring trot to be moved west. AM to ask Roy MacGregor

Outline LE proposal
·         LBSC do not propose to charge for LE’s use of the club’s loo, electricity and water, instead seek ‘benefits in kind’
·         We intend to measure LE’s electricity use but only seek recompense if LE’s use is substantial.
·         We need access to enable launch and recovery of boats up to FF size from the end of March.
·         We need LE to lock up the clubhouse daily before leaving site

Wish list - SO
2.    Toilet drain – not agreed to connect into main sewer (although we should investigate this if/when we expose it). and to have dressed edges.
3.    An open covered drain outside the front of the clubhouse to run from the main road revetment to the west side of the pier. The cover to be removable to allow drain clearance and also to be capable of taking the weight of cars and boats on trailers etc.
4.    The level of the top of the pier in front of the clubhouse to be lowered so that water flows away from the clubhouse.
5.    Improvements to toilet drain; connecting the end on the west side of the clubhouse up to the main sewer on Shore street plus pump.
6.    Make carpark wider.

4.                      AOB
2018 sailing timetable dates agreed – more to follow
·         Summer Cruse – 15th June ~ 1st July
·         Pico week1st or 2nd week in July.

It was agreed that the Ceilidh Place booking be confirmed for the 2018 party in December. AM

Independent Examination of accounts; Alex Fotheringham to be approached DM

Next committee meeting 16:30 on 3rd Feb 2018, preceded by work party from 13:00 and followed by DIY curry/£5 contribution. Curry GM

Meeting finished at 17:30.


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