Loch Broom Sailing Club

AGM Saturday 4th March 2017 Royal Hotel 17.30pm (Start at 17:38)
·         Apologies
John and Shona Osborne, Sandy and Lisa Osborne, Jill Bruce, Tim and Alex Loftus , Dan Johnson and Charlotte Watters, John and Mary Macrae. Rona Johnson, Lucy Gregson and Simon, Chris Hall, Ishabel Hartley.
·         Present Adrian Morgan, Paul Driver, Paul Copestake, Kate Copestake, Anthony O’Flaherty,  Alison Bobby and Chevonne Osborne, Marian Osborne, Nabbie and Sarah Mackenzie, Robert White, Andy Reeve, Mary Whitteredge, Kenny, David and Catherine Dawson, Donald Buchannan, David Maxwell, Gunna Scoltz, Nat and Gill Wilson, Jason Leon, Gilly Meighan.
·         Minutes of 2015 AGM - These have been circulated in advance so amendments to be taken otherwise proposal are to taken as read.   Proposed Gilly Meighan Seconded Kate Copestake.

·         Commodore’s Report –
Good times and some not so good times.  Good cruises,  commodore remembers thrashing round Rubha Reidh in a F 6, against the wind. Nothing unusual, and some glorious, calm days swanning around the islands, memories shared by many no doubt.  Anthony confirmed that the youth were happy with Pico sailing. We had good Flying Fifteen racing and rowing, with a bronze from South Queensferry.

Looking forward
Commodore wonders if rank and file getting value for money?  With the majority of the fleet in private hands, how to get people without boats on the water?  Ideas?  Perhaps some money should be put into the clubhouse? Before long there will be a survey of members to see what concerns them.  Finally, should the club think one day of expanding to become more of a ‘watersports’ club, or should we remain solely a sailing club?

·         Treasurer’s Report – Accounts circulated – Headline surplus club made £2400 - sale of old rib brought some in but also spent a lot of cash on upgrading new Rib (flying Ffteen new mast, more kit for kids.  Club invested (minimum) share in LCR.  Accounts indicates list of assets.  Despite healthy balance sheet, Adrian pointed out that this was not a normal year, with income boosted by the sale of the rib. In short: we cannot assume this to be case in future, and spend our balance which, the treasurer confirmed, is highly likely to decrease.
Q – Finances look healthy but is this the case?
A – Spending for each section within nominal sum £300 (generally well below) going over this would lead to loss – fixed costs going up (insurance, electricity). Loss of income from boat parking - healthy reserves (£9100).
Q – Should we raise subscriptions to cover small year on year loss (comparing fixed income and fixed expenditure)?
A – No immediate need to raise subs for 2018.

Q – Can we do more to make the club a social space – Can we look at income streams – Can we raise funds in other ways? Andy Reeve
A - Occasional fundraising from social events can lift the income though club historically only has occasional fundraising events.  All activities should aim to raise small surplus (e.g. Pico week)

Proposed David Dawson;  Seconded Anthony O’Flaherty

·         Proposal to adopt changes to constitution.

Earlier this year the sailing club looked at becoming formally recognised as a "Community Amateur Sports Club" and ultimately decided not to pursue this. However the process identified that some aspects of club's constitution do not meet what is regarded as good practice. It was agreed by the committee that the changes recommended should be included in our constitution and put to the vote.  The committee have also made a few other amendments to bring the constitution in line with our own custom and practice, rationalised the numbering and ironed out a couple of anomalies.  In practice the new constitution will allow the sailing club to carry on as we always have done but should it need to be scrutinised (for example; as part of a fundraising application) it will be up to scratch.  The changes have been discussed an approved at committee and circulated for consultation.  No comments have been received.  
Folk had been asked to read the proposals in advance, it is the committee's recommendation to give members a vote to approve or not to these changes as a block.   These has been discussed an approved at committee and circulated for consultation.  No comments were received
Vote to adopt changes to constitution was by a show of hands, 
The vote was unanimously in favour with no one against. 
The Agreed constitution will be posted on the Blog.
·         Election of Officers

By agreement of the committee nominations for the posts could be made at the AGM – No written applications for any of the posts were been received.  By custom major post holders stand for up to three, at most 4 years
Commodore;    Adrian Morgan (third year) Proposed Robert White; Seconded Anthony O’Flaherty
Vice Commodore;   John Osborne (third year),  P Donald Buchanan, S Jason Leon
Treasurer:   Paul Driver is standing down and was thanked for the work he has done.  David Maxwell elected, P Paul Driver S Gilly Meighan.
Secretary: Paul Copestake is standing down and was thanked for the work he has done.  Paul Driver elected, P David Dawson, S Rona Johnson
Membership secretary – Rona Johnson is standing down and was thanked for the work she has done. post to be co-opted from committee as required. 
·         Election of Committee
The following agreed to continue or join the committee
Paul Copestake, Robert White, Siobhan Osborne, Bobby Osborne, Alison Osborne, Sandy Osborne, Anthony O’Flaherty, Donald Buchanan, Gilly Meighan, Nat Wilson, Jill Wilson.  Others may be co-opted; all members are welcome to attend committee meetings. 
Committee elected on mass; P David Dawson,  S Rona Johnson

·         Launch of 2017 Sailing Plan. 
Briefly outlined with encouragement for feedback.  To be finalised by committeee
Work party and curry night 25th March?
·         AOB
Thanks for Kate for work done proof reading constitution.
Signatories of banks to change to  Dave, Adrian, Paul D, John O.

Closed at 18:22 for Right Royal Rollick…..  Folk are asked to assemble for this at 7pm for a 7.30pm start. 

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