For sale 1972 Westerly Warwick length 21’6 beam 7’9 bilge keels 4 berth, well-built masthead sloop good accommodation, generous headroom Sole Mini III 9hp diesel engine Jib furling, slab reef, stack pack & chute lots of equipment 1600kg – trailable £2,500 tel: 01854 666224 16ft Ifor Williams trailer available by separate negotiation


Loch Broom Sailing Club

AGM Saturday 4th March 2017 Royal Hotel 5.30pm
·        Apologies

·        Minutes of 2016 AGM - These have been posted on the blog (SEE ABOVE) in advance so unless amendments are suggested, they could be taken as read. 

·        Commodore’s Report 
   Treasurer’s Report  Adoption of accounts.
·        Proposal to adopt changes to constitution.
·        Last  year the sailing club looked at becoming formally recognised as a "Community Amateur Sports Club" and ultimately decided not to pursue this. However the process identified that some aspects of the club's constitution do not meet what is regarded as “good practice”. It was agreed by the committee that the changes recommended should be included in our constitution and put to the vote.  The committee have also made a few other amendments to bring the constitution in line with our own custom and practice, rationalised the numbering and ironed out a couple of anomalies.  In practice the new constitution will allow the sailing club to carry on as we always have done but should it need to be scrutinised (for example; as part of a fundraising application) it will be up to scratch. 

·        The changes have been discussed at great length and were finally approved at committee on 28th January after comments were invited from all members via Gmail and blog. The discussion period lasted over six months. All comments have now been incorporated.

·        The final draft, as approved by the committee, was posted on the club website  on 29th January.

·        www.lochbroomsailingclub.blogspot.co.uk

·        Please read through the revised constitution as it is the committee's recommendation to give members a simple yes/no vote to approve it or not, in toto

·        NB only items on the agenda may be discussed at an AGM**

·        Vote to adopt changes to constitution

Election of Officials
·        Commodore and Committee stand-down, outgoing Secretary to take Chair.
·        Election of Commodore - Elected Commodore takes chair
·        Election of principal officers – (Vice Commodore, Treasurer, Secretary, Membership Secretary)
·        Election of Committee.

·        Launch of 2017 Sailing Plan

·        AOB

Adjourn for Right Royal Rollick…..  Folk are asked to assemble for this at 7pm for a 7.30pm start.  See separate notices for details.

** 15b No business (except the passing of accounts and the election of officers, committee and honorary auditor), and any business that the committee may order to be inserted in the notice convening the meeting, shall be discussed at such meeting unless notice thereof be given to the honorary secretary before the 1st February prior to such meeting or at some time as might be agreed by the Committee.

AGM/Royal Rollick 4th March

Tickets for the buffet at The Royal can now be purchased from Paul Driver, cost £17.50, details below. 

To date over 35 have signed up for a night that begins with an AGM to vote on the revised Constitution.

Attendance at the AGM is not obligatory but we would like a healthy turnout of LBSC members. 

The AGM starts at 5.30 and we hope will be over by 6pm, or soon after. The buffet is from 7 onwards, giving us plenty of time to prop up the bar  beforehand.  

Neil has promised a splendid buffet for all tastes.

The Grand Quiz will begin at some point during the end of the sit down meal. The plan is to have 36 local-focused questions, posed by six question masters (six each), and ideally one question master in each of the six teams, questions posed in turn, the winning team to use the prize either for an agreed common purpose or for a charity of their choice. 

They could also split the proceeds among members, or put it behind the bar. £2.50 of the cost of a ticket will go towards the prize for the winning team, which could mean over £75, depending on numbers. 

There will also be a raffle, with prizes on the night.

PAYMENTS (£17.50) to: BACS (to LBSC, REF with YOUR NAME so Paul Driver knows who has paid) 

Sort code 83-28-01 

Acc no 00190424 

OR Cheque payable to Loch Broom Sailing Club send to Paul Driver, The Old Manse, Garve Road, Ullapool, IV26 2SX 

Not yet decided? When you do, please reply to adrianmorgan@viking-boats.com 

 In these dark days, how better to lift spirits than to come dressed in your finery. Dress to the nines (and 10s); dress regally, ducally, royally, lairdishly(?). Kilts and cummerbunds; posh frocks and high heels (women only). Let's push the boat out; show some style. 

We are, after all The (Royal) Loch Broom Sailing Club.

Committee Meeting Minutes 28th January

      Loch Broom Sailing Club

Minutes Saturday 28th January at 5:00 pm

Short targeted Committee to address some matters arising – to be added to minutes of meeting held 14th January.

Apologies:  Adrian, Paul Driver, Dave M
Attendees:  John (Chair), Sandy, Gilly, Robert, Donald, Paul

1.                      Sea Survival training;  To be held in swimming pool on 24th of February.  Instruction to be given by Lachie Paterson.  Two sessions a) families with kids AV room 6:30, pool 7 to 7.45.  Session b) AV room 7:20 Pool 7:45 to 8:30. Cost to be confirmed dependant on numbers but no more than £5 per person. Paul to circulate invitations.         Paul

2.                      AGM; Saturday 4th March 5:30pm Following consultation (via email and blog and advert in Ullapool News) no feedback against changes have been received. The committee are therefore happy for it to be submitted to the AGM and to be voted on as block.  Agenda for AGM to follow standard pattern, to be circulated by Paul

3.                      Right Royal Rollick – Buffet and Quiz to follow AGM (start at 7ish), 26 so far have acknowledged attendance, more expected so confident target of 30 will be reached - Adrian organising (with support).

4.                      Adrian’s Trailer.            

4.1.                  The wheel nuts and rim parted company on the way back from Queensferry.  Rim is obsolete and direct replacement is not a practicable option.  Adrian needs a trailer soon and has proposed a number of options to resolve.

                      a)             LBSC restores my trailer to its pre-Queensferry state, either with or without brakes, 1000kg capacity, unpainted, et.  If with brakes, then it's fair I should contribute towards the extra cost. I would also paint the trailer. It would remain mine but the club could use it just as before. I would keep it at the yard and maintain it. 

                      b)             Three-way split:  I donate the frame to LBSC, the club finds maximum £400, the rest to be fund raised. The trailer becomes an LBSC asset on the understanding I can use the trailer occasionally.

                      c)             LBSC make me a fair offer for the frame, and decides how much to spend refurbishing it and how to raise the money. It becomes a club asset. I would be like to use it occasionally.

                      d)             Building/buying a new trailer.

4.2.                  Costs to club a) £280 (750kg unbraked), b) £400 (plus whip round/fundraising  £120) (1000kg braked) c) Estimate £670 (1000kg braked plus purchase frame) d) £2400 (semi self-build). 

4.3.                  After some discussion - committee agreed to go with option b) noting the following

                     a)             To thank Adrian for donation of trailer
                     b)             To request £10 per person from Queensferry rowers towards cost.
                     c)             Surplus from upcoming events could also be put towards cost.
                     d)             Agree can be lent out trailer for £10 per day.
                     e)             The club to draft a guidance on use of trailer e.g: no water emersion, adequate insurance…..
                       f)             The trailer becomes a club asset. 
                     g)             Recognition that trailer has multiple uses beyond just for skiffs: e.g moving other boats, flat bed for materials (fender timber tube) and at (ff’s if own trailers aren’t road worthy but an OK cradle)

AGM at The Royal 4th March 5.30pm

We need a good turnout for the AGM at The Royal on 4 March, where the main business will be a vote on the tweaked Constitution.

Also on the agenda will be the election of a new Hon Secretary and Treasurer.

We hope to conclude matters swiftly, thence to the bar so please, those of you who have not already looked at what is proposed, take a few minutes to read the draft (you can find it in the CONSTITUTION page above).

The draft Constitution has been on the blog in one form or another for around nine months, and a number of changes have been suggested by members and implemented. The vote at the AGM will, therefore, simply be along the lines of "should the LBSC adopt the revised Constitution".

It has taken many hours of work by Paul and others to iron our some of the anomalies of the old Constitution and bring it up to date. 

The full Agenda will be distributed to everyone after 1st February. As usual for an AGM, only business on the agenda will be allowed.

The AGM will be followed by a buffet supper, for which we need at least 30 to make it viable. To date (25th January) we have 20 signed up, so please let either myself or Paul know of your intentions, as we will be asking for payment (£17.50) up front.

We are planning a big quiz, with 40 questions devised by eight members. There will be a raffle and (bottled) music, should anyone care to dance.

More details to follow.