Signet 20 for Sale

Evelyn Peffers has put her Signet 20 up for sale. Not in the best condition, so a great little project for someone with a few quid to spare.

Here's a photo of two sister ships. 

Evelyn's boat is down by the shore about five miles from Ullapool, with its mast down. You'll have seen her when driving in or out.

Here's the ad, from the UN.
Project boat - Signet 20, bilge keel, dismasted and without bowsprit, complete with  sails, instruments, etc. Offers around £500 after viewing. 4hp Yamaha out board, believed recently serviced, offers around £400 after testing.  Mooring in Ullapool bay, ground gear not known, registered with moorings  association, offers around £600.  

Call 07795-103649"

LBSC Regatta Friday 26th - Sunday 28th August

Provisional programme, weather permitting. Times subject to change. (Programme subject to change too... knowing the club as we do). But here goes!
Friday 26th, 6pm for 6.30pm
FF Race (the first of two races to count towards a FF Regatta Prize)
If you haven't been sailing as much as you'd like to this season, then this is your chance.
It would great to see all the boats afloat, and all fully crewed please.
Saturday 27th 9.30-12.30pm
Picos, Fevas, FFs, Toppers with the club RIB in attendance. How about some kind of novelty race? Over to you Alison, Dave, Anthony, Paul et al.

FF Trophy Race (and the second of the two FF Regatta Prize races)
1pm BBQ, ashore. BYO.

Cruiser Race
Home to recuperate or drinks and canapes under the awning for those with stamina left.

Sunday 28th
Commodore's birthday. Bring expensive presents (cash would be acceptable).
Cruise to Loggie, perhaps, or whatever we all decide on the day.
If the weather suits, then FFs and Fevas too.

Mid-Season Report

Weather? Who cares about the weather, and today the sun is shining and the club can look back on some notable achievements already, despite the weather.

Among others, cruising boats have to date ranged as far afield as the Flannan Isles, St Kilda, Barra, Plockton and Rhum, as well as the usual hot spots: Gareloch, Loch Ewe, Badachro, the Tanera(s) and Lochinver.

From rounding the Butt of Lewis, albeit in benign conditions, to diving the wreck of the Politician, members have been pushing the boundaries.

A successful Campbell's Cup and a few closely fought Flying Fifteen races attest to the competitive spirit among some of us. The winners will be announced at the Winter Party on Saturday 17th December at the Ceilidh Place.

The younger members have benefited hugely from Emma Copestake's sessions and the Pico Week itself was nothing short of a triumph, with Robyn - small of statue but large of personality and expertise - proving a big success.

The jury's still out on whether we can get our new RIB back in action in time for more sessions. Perhaps we should reconsider keeping it afloat all the time, especially if bad weather is forecast. The cause of the problem - water in the fuel - is something of a mystery, but great minds are working on it and all will be well.

The Summer Isles Regatta [sic] turned more into a social event at Isle Martin with the first contingent of Hestur, Raingoose and Sally leaving just as the Usual Suspects, Romairi, Twister and Lucky Jim arrived. Word has it that bottles were emptied that day and evening. What else was there for it on a weekend that blew and rained buckets?

Still to look forward to is the Summer Regatta itself on 27 August and the skiff racing in Queensferry, for which new oars are being fashioned. Four oars, different makers. May the best oar win, or at least not break.

And then the final FF Trophy races, plus a Storm Cruise. But haven't we been there and done that already?

Junior Sailing Week

Dave Maxwell filed this report late last night after what was universally described as "Another successful Junior Sailing Week!"
 This year we had 15 participants including one complete beginner and 3 others who haven't sailed with us before (one visitor + two from up the coast). We also had a new instructor, Robyn, who despite being introduced to the committee during the Campbell Cup weekend, bravely still decided to join us. Siobhan Osborne kindly volunteered to help with the beginners each morning.
That's Robyn laying down the law. A hit with everyone. Come back soon!
The week started grey and drizzly, but with a light westerly wind, ideal for the beginners and conveniently increasing for the advanced session in the afternoon. The next 3 days provided enough wind and sunshine to give ample opportunity for racing, capsize drills, hiking-out, spinnaker sailing and generally having fun. The radical innovation of mid-session snacks afloat also helped keep spirits high. Friday was a bit more challenging with higher winds and heavy rain, but both groups braved the elements and went out. We also had the traditional BBQ lunch on Friday, huddled under the clubhouse sunroof where everyone received their well earned certificates.
Full on Fevas. Nicely set up, crew weight just right. Girl power...
Robyn did a great job and was a big hit with the yuf so has been invited back next year - subject to dates etc.
Rohan, with unique tiller style, and rather worried looking crew go for it.
The RIB and Pioner worked a treat and all the other equipment held up well with the only minor issues being flat tyres on the trolleys (more solid types please) and some out-hauls being replaced.
Now that's a challenge to the geriatrics sailing Flying Fifteens.
As always, it was a team effort with parents pitching in with RIB/Pioner driving, shore support, hot chocolate making, cakes and BBQ food. A special mention goes to Siobhan for helping out on the water every the morning and then going sailing herself every afternoon.