Contrary to the Queensferry report posted below, the Loki Men's team missed silver by one second.

The mistake can be put down to the misleading scoreboard behind the team which appears to have North Berwick at 9.2 and Loch Broom at 9.13 which the blog took to mean an 11 seconds deficit.

Drinks all round (on the Commodore...) Just one, mind you. No shorts. Preferably shandy (or soda water). Or even tap water...

Loki Returns with a Bronze, Gold, Silver and One Wheel missing (more of that later)...

The rowing team from LBSC headed south on Friday, brimming with excitement and nervous tension. New oars, old bodies , raring to go!

Team Loki consisted of rowers Jill, Kate, Shona, & Libby for the ladies, with Paul, Sage, John & Sandy for the men . Karen & Lisa in supporting roles along with Shona's Dad, Alex and Jonathan and Michael also cheering from the shore! Thanks also to John, from Newhaven and an LBSC member, and Hannah, also from the Newhaven team who helped cox a couple of races for us too! 

The men set a high standard in our first race by claiming bronze in the over 50s, narrowly missing silver by just 11 seconds! The ladies set themselves a personal best time but no cigars for them! Another good time was recorded in the mixed open with Kate & Shona bravely doing back to back races, along with Sandy & Paul to come a respectable 6th out of 11 boats!  More excitement followed in the afternoon session with the men pipping Newhaven for third place in their Mens open heat, 7th overall out of 11 again!

The last race of the day was in honour of Andy Jarvis, a Queensferry club stalwart who sadly passed away earlier this year. Names in a hat , everyone mixed up into different boats and off they set with Sandy bringing home the lead Anstruther boat for gold position and John taking silver position in the Crail boat team! 

Libby and Jill also represented LBSC in the Newburgh and KInghorn boats. A fun weekend had by all, a stunning setting under the 2 and 3/4 bridges,  some near misses (and that wasn't just the rowing) but all back to Ullapool safe and sound . Big thanks to Paul & Kate in particular for organising the whole weekend and for towing Loki there and almost back! More on that in the pub...

Change of Name: LBF&RC

Following last weekend's successful regatta (note the absence of the word sailing) the LBSC is to change its name to the Loch Broom Fishing & Rowing Club. The Flying Fifteens, while retaining their mainsails, will forego jibs in order to clear the decks for mackerel fishing. Chris Steventon who pioneered the new Fishing Fifteen (or Flying Fishteen perhaps), hoisted a 7lb (his figure) 3ft mackerel aboard to win the inaugural club's new fishing competition.

Following the event, Twister, Kumari, Sally, Mollymawk, Gilly and Jason's Gael Force and new arrival Andy Turner's Eclipse rafted up at Loggie to share the spoils and celebrate the commodore's X3rd birthday. An excuse for cakes all round, featuring Shona and Rona in a friendly bake off: raspberry vs blueberry, the result a dead heat.

The Saturday being windless it was decided that rowing should henceforth become the dominant discipline. Too many days lost to gales and calms finally took its toll, at which point the suggestion of a name change was put forward and passed unanimously, after which a fleet of tenders took to the water in a fiercely fought contest for coveted medals: the golden (actually orange) ball; the silver sausage and for third place the empty can of Tennants.

Many a photo tells a tale (thanks Donald...)

The gold in the men's over 50 went to John "I'm not competitive really" Osborne; and women of a certain age prize to the lady commodoress who, clutching her ball to her perfectly honed stomach joked "I'm having a baby" to which a Copestake wit replied: "It's a buoy", which proves that the club's sense of humour, if not its name, at least remains intact.

Signet 20 for Sale

Evelyn Peffers has put her Signet 20 up for sale. Not in the best condition, so a great little project for someone with a few quid to spare.

Here's a photo of two sister ships. 

Evelyn's boat is down by the shore about five miles from Ullapool, with its mast down. You'll have seen her when driving in or out.

Here's the ad, from the UN.
Project boat - Signet 20, bilge keel, dismasted and without bowsprit, complete with  sails, instruments, etc. Offers around £500 after viewing. 4hp Yamaha out board, believed recently serviced, offers around £400 after testing.  Mooring in Ullapool bay, ground gear not known, registered with moorings  association, offers around £600.