The Commodore's new barge. On his imminent retirement, the outgoing commodore will mostly be taking his leisure at the tiller of a narrow boat on the Oxford Canal. What a blessed relief...

Latest Minutes

      Loch Broom Sailing Club
3 Feb 2018 at 16:30 in the Clubhouse

1)      Present/Apologies

Present: Donald Buchanan (Commodore Designate DB), Paul Copestake (PC), David Dawson (Secretary DD), Paul Driver (PD), Anthony O’Flaherty (AO), Dave Maxwell (Treasurer DM), Gilly Meighan (GM), Adrian Morgan (Commodore & Chair AM), John Osborne (JO), Sandy Osborne (SO), Chris Steventon (CS), Gill Wilson (GW), Nat Wilson (NW)
Apologies: Rona Johnson

2)      Approval of Draft Minutes of Previous Meetings

The proposals to approve the minutes of the committee meetings of 3rd November 2017 and 13th January 2018 were seconded (GM) and duly approved.

3)      Matters Arising (not dealt with elsewhere) - None

4)      Wee Pier

a)      SO reported on discussions with Lochshell Engineering (“LE”). Work will start work on 19th March and is scheduled to end in late May though some delay expected. The memorandum of understanding is anticipated later. The intended work includes; electricity and water supplies at the top of the pier, scrubbing platform, steps to the beach, rails down each side, mooring rings every 5/6 meters, a strong point for a winch. Throughout the work, access to the clubhouse and the beach will be retained. SO hopes to agree improvements to the land on the east side. The possibility of adding a training wall for the stream was discussed.
DB agreed that the old mussel pontoon could be cut up and it and Robbie Burns’ trailer be removed.
b)      Clearance of yard
i)        Dinghies – completed
ii)      Sliffs and winch - completed
iii)    FFs - completed
iv)    Eilean Dubh – moved in yard, Removal Action DB
c)      Mooring Trot
AM reported that it is not possible to move the whole trot west and it was agreed that one mooring be surrendered. Action DM
d)      Wish list – see a) above

5)      Officers’ Reports

a)      Commodore’s Report – nothing to report
b)      Treasurer’s Report
DM reported £9k in the account with £8k receipts and £7k expenses in 2017. Subscriptions are the dominant income and the largest expense being insurance at £1.5k. DM to explore opportunities to reduce the cost of insurance.
c)      Secretary’s Report – nothing to report

a)      Cruising - JO
JO set out the broad timetable for shakedown, summer and storm cruises and regattas and Campbell Cup.  See sailing timetable
b)      Flying Fifteens AM
AM set out target date for launch end April with first race 12th May. It was agreed that formal races be on Saturdays with informal Friday & Sunday. DM reported the intended use of WhatsApp to confirm FF race timings. Much needed replacement main and jib  for the club boats cost £150. AO has agreed to work on one club boat and CS & NW have agreed to take on the other. Antifouling needed for the club boats.
c)      Youth AO, AO & DM
Pico Week of 16th July provisional planned with six signed up, others to be encouraged to join.
d)      Skiff (PC)
Skiffing ongoing, Ullapool regatta is 7 & 8 July and it is intended to enter 50s men & women’s teams and mixed 60s. Boat to be maintained. PC
e)      Clubhouse and surrounds (Donald)
Yard Clearance Completed (ex Eilean Dubh).
An active and ongoing pruning of the unused contents of the clubhouse was agreed All.
It was noted that the Clubhouse needs some TLC and it was agreed that improvements to the fabric would be discussed after completion of the work on the Wee Pier. All
f)       RIB (SO) – nothing reported
g)      Junior Sailing
School involvement initiative not met with sufficient positive response to proceed .. yet.

7)      AGM & Royal 24th March

It was agreed that AGM to be in the clubhouse starting 17:30 on 24th March. Notice of meeting to all members to be sent per the constitution, also inform the Ullapool News  DD.
It was agreed that there was no proposal to increase the 2019 membership fees so no notice of AGM business matters need be sent to members.
It was also agreed that the notice normally required for new members to be voted onto the committee be waived this year.

DM to discuss buffet with the hotel, slight increase from 2017’s £17.50 expected.DM

8)      AOB

It was suggested that the jumble sale timing could coincide with the regatta. GN
Administration of clubhouse keys was passed from PD to DM. DM
Efforts needed to find a membership secretary. AM/All Consideration of methods of encouraging prompt payment of subscriptions e.g. enforced standing orders or early payment rewards.

Their being no other business, the meeting finished at 17:30

Saturday Feb 3rd Clear the Decks

All are welcome at 1.30 to help clear the club prior to work on the WeePier.

There's a committee meeting planned for 4.30 after which we'll be indulging in the first curry night of the new season.

LBSC Party 2017: Some Highlights Courtesy of Paul "That's my Very Last Powerpoint, Ever" Copestake

The Yarn of the Loch Achray is reproduced below

The Yarn of the “Loch Achray”
By John Masefield (1878–1967)
From ‘Salt-Water Ballads’
THE “LOCH ACHRAY” was a clipper tall
With seven-and-twenty hands in all.
Twenty to hand and reef and haul,
A skipper to sail and mates to brawl
“Tally on the tackle-fall,        5
Heave now’n’ start her, heave’n’ pawl!”
        Hear the yarn of a sailor,
        An old yarn learned at sea.
Her crew were shipped and they said “Farewell,
So-long, my Tottie, my lovely gell;        10
We sail to-day if we fetch to hell,
It’s time we tackled the wheel a spell.”
        Hear the yarn of a sailor,
        An old yarn learned at sea.
The dockside loafers talked on the quay        15
The day that she towed down to sea:
“Lord, what a handsome ship she be!
Cheer her, sonny boys, three times three!”
And the dockside loafers gave her a shout
As the red-funnelled tug-boat towed her out;        20
They gave her a cheer as the custom is,
And the crew yelled “Take our loves to Liz—
Three cheers, bullies, for old Pier Head
’N’ the bloody stay-at-homes!” they said.
        Hear the yarn of a sailor,        25
        An old yarn learned at sea.
In the gray of the coming on of night
She dropped the tug at the Tuskar Light,
’N’ the topsails went to the topmast head
To a chorus that fairly awoke the dead.        30
She trimmed her yards and slanted South
With her royals set and a bone in her mouth.
        Hear the yarn of a sailor,
        An old yarn learned at sea.
She crossed the Line and all went well,        35
They ate, they slept, and they struck the bell
And I give you a gospel truth when I state
The crowd didn’t find any fault with the Mate,
But one night off the River Plate.
        Hear the yarn of a sailor,        40
        An old yarn learned at sea.
It freshened up till it blew like thunder
And burrowed her deep, lee-scuppers under.
The old man said, “I mean to hang on
Till her canvas busts or her sticks are gone”—        45
Which the blushing looney did, till at last
Overboard went her mizzen-mast.
        Hear the yarn of a sailor,
        An old yarn learned at sea.
Then a fierce squall struck the “Loch Achray,”        50
And bowed her down to her water-way;
Her main-shrouds gave and her forestay,
And a green sea carried her wheel away;
Ere the watch below had time to dress
She was cluttered up in a blushing mess.        55
        Hear the yarn of a sailor,
        An old yarn learned at sea.
She couldn’t lay-to nor yet pay-off,
And she got swept clean in the bloody trough,
Her masts were gone, and afore you knowed        60
She filled by the head and down she goed.
Her crew made seven-and-twenty dishes
For the big jack-sharks and the little fishes,
And over their bones the water swishes.
        Hear the yarn of a sailor,        65
        An old yarn learned at sea.
The wives and girls they watch in the rain
For a ship as won’t come home again.
“I reckon it’s them head-winds,” they say,
“She’ll be home to-morrow, if not to-day.        70
I’ll just nip home ’n’ I’ll air the sheets
’N’ buy the fixin’s ’n’ cook the meats
As my man likes ’n’ as my man eats.”
So home they goes by the windy streets,
Thinking their men are homeward bound        75
With anchors hungry for English ground,
And the bloody fun of it is, they’re drowned!
        Hear the yarn of a sailor,
        An old yarn learned at sea.

Committee Meeting Minutes (draft) 3 November

Draft Minutes - 3 November 2017 at 5:30 pm
1. Present: Rona Johnson (part time), John Osborne, Alison Osborne, Bobby
Osborne, Donald Buchanan, Gill Wilson, Dave Maxwell (Treasurer), Adrian
Morgan (Commodore), Sandy Osborne, Anthony O’Flaherty, Paul Copestake,
Nat Wilson (part time), Paul Driver (Secretary)
Apologies: Robert White, Gilly Meighan, David Dawson
2. Approval of Draft Minutes of Previous Meetings
2.1. 18th March 2017: Noted that these were approved at meeting of 11th August
2.2. 11th August 2017 (Meeting re UHT proposals for Wee Pier): Add note re approval
of minutes of 18th March meeting, otherwise approved.
3. Matters Arising (not dealt with elsewhere)
3.1. Trailer – Actions from 18/3: Conditions for use – ongoing, noted that trailer had
been used little, Adrian will put conditions on blog; Lock for trailer – done.
3.2. Fundraising Boat Jumble of 6th May (Action from 18/3 AOB) – event had been
quiet, but had raised £100 (this has at present been offset by Nat and Gill against
the £123 spent by Nat on flying fifteen refurbishment). Main lesson for possible
future events is to start planning and publicising earlier.
4. Officers’ Reports
4.1. Commodore’s Report: A good season generally, notable for little wind. See
Champions’ Reports for comments on specific activities.
4.2. Treasurer’s Report: Balance stands at £9595; main expense since March was
insurance. Paul D still has some items in hand to balance and hand over. Main
loss of revenue over the years has been boat parking. Eilean Dubh – Dave to
invoice Iain Boyd for £75. Revised spending guidelines (Action DM/PD from 18/3)
4.3. Secretary: Paul D standing down – agreed to co-opt David Dawson as
replacement. David’s position as Hon Sec will be formalised at next AGM.
5. Champions’ Reports
5.1. Cruising: John thought that this had been the biggest ever cruising season, with
eight boats heading for Oban. Also notable were shakedown cruise to Skye and
the Storm Cruise, and Hugh Stirling’s travels to Scandinavia etc (although currently
stuck in Wales!).
Request received to fix date for Summer Cruise: 29th June to 14th July pencilled in.
5.2. Flying Fifteens: A good season all round. Would be good to get more people
involved in the racing. Proposed holding an early season regatta/open day
specifically aimed at giving people a chance to experience FF sailing – worth
targeting rowers for this. Nat had refurbished and then sailed the Club’s second
FF. Freedom not used 2017; Anthony planning to take this boat on next year.
Merits of hauling out to scrub hull midseason debated – increase in speed or
LBSC Draft Minutes 3 November 2017 page 2 prepared by Paul D
5.3. Youth: Dave reported that Pico Week had been successful, with numbers at
capacity. A couple of ad hoc sessions had been managed early season, but little
if anything after Pico week – main reasons being junior’s work commitments, and
too little wind when folk were available. Some children had taken part in the HMS
winter series last year – aim to repeat this year if children’s exams etc permit, with
possibility of LBSC hosting a session. Anthony to contact HMS to discuss. Picos
to be put on trailer and moved to Paul D’s garden. Remaining dinghies to be moved
or well tied down.
5.4. Skiff: Paul C reported that the season so far had seen the ladies active, but men
less so; expected that men would be rowing more through the winter. Next
weekend (11th Nov) sees Ullapool hosting the NW Rowing League – should be
involved in this, and then gauge interest in travelling to future fixtures. Loki
requires some maintenance, mainly sanding down and painting.
5.5. Clubhouse and surrounds – nothing of note at present.
5.6. RIB – the boat is winterised with cover on (Sandy will look at manual to double
check). Engine service not required due to low usage over past year. Morse cables
replaced last summer during Pico week. Prop has been refurbished, but new prop
guard required prior to junior sessions.
6. Plans for Works on Wee Pier
Actions from 11/8 re letters to HC and UHT concerning surrender of lease all
Sandy presented outline of works proposed by UHT. Main change from plans
previously circulated is that no works are now proposed for the grass bank area;
hoped that better solution can be achieved in future. Currently at stage of going to
tender and getting funding in place. Licence for works expected Feb/Mar next year,
with work starting shortly after and running for about 5 months through the
summer. Throughout this time the jetty area will be a building site, and out of use,
although the beach should be clear. All sections of the club will have to change the
way that they operate during this period, it was suggested that this could be a
benefit if approached positively (eg shifting junior activities to a different location
could be fun for kids). Extent to which parked boats (skiffs, ED) will need to be
moved elsewhere not certain at present. Contractors might want to use our
facilities (eg toilets, hardstanding), and in this case we should seek some quid pro
quo arrangement of benefit to the club. With jetty being extended, club moorings
will be shifted to the west. Strip of land previously leased by club: concern about
club’s future use/rights, especially status of temporary shelter which extends into
that ground – this can be discussed between club and UHT in future. Sandy
confirmed that the work on the jetty is a self-standing item, and not linked in with
other possible future works on the harbour. The jetty is seen as an asset for the
community, of benefit to those engaged in a wide range of watersports.
7. Annual Dinner – 16th December
Rona has organisation in hand, with invites sent out. Drinks on arrival – only if
included in price. Wine list – Rona will check with Shona as to what the
arrangement was in the past. Table layout – finalise when numbers attending are
known. UCR Club invited via Jonathan. Any others to invite: Brian W. Robert will
be away on the night – John to sort arrangements for prizegiving with CP. Crackers
– decided that it would be a Bring Your Own Crackers party.
8. Future Plans for Junior Sailing
Noted that sailing dinghies were little used last year, other than in Pico Week.
Exploring an idea to address this, and get more children sailing, Adrian has spoken
to Head Teacher at High School to see if the school could form a sailing club,
probably running on Friday afternoons, with LBSC offering use of boats and
facilities. Broad support for this idea, subject to LBSC’s assets being protected (eg
LBSC Draft Minutes 3 November 2017 page 3 prepared by Paul D
through school’s insurance), and our club not taking on any liabilities (eg blame for
any accidents involving school’s use of facilities). Recognised that various hurdles
exist for the school to get such a scheme running: children already
kayaking/rowing/swimming etc on Friday afternoons; as an example,
Kinlochbervie school offered sailing, but had teachers who could sail, one being
an instructor – Ullapool would need money, or volunteers. Look at getting topic on
agenda for forthcoming Parent Council meeting. No further LBSC action at present
– await proposal from school.
9. AOB
Date of AGM set for Saturday 24 March 2018. Follow with “Royal Bash” as last