Latest Committee Meeting Minutes: Important, Please Read

The latest committee meeting minutes (draft) are posted above in the pages section. Please take the time to have a look as they touch on especially important issues.

2018 Season

This season, or at least the first half of it, is likely to be affected to a large extent by the work on the Wee Pier. This is expected to take up May and almost certainly into June as well. But the upside is that at the end the club's facilities will be markedly enhanced, with better hard standing, a useable pier, steps to the beach and a new slipway to the west for small boats.

In the meantime we will have to put up with considerable disruption, working around problems in a typically West Coast way, using cunning ploys, and crofter craft.

Launching dinghies, for instance, will not be possible. The Flying Fifteens will be on their moorings, and the Pioner held at the main pier to ferry crew to and from.

Every aspect of the club's activities will need to be reassessed, until we have access again to our club and surrounds.

But we shall prevail. The show must go on. Undaunted, we will go sailing, whatever the human cost. This is the start of a glorious new era for the (R)LBSC. Where there is a will, there will surely be a way, so gird yourselves for the task in hand.

As our commodore succinctly summed  up the work in progress at the recent committee meeting, rising to his feet, cigar clenched between what's left of his teeth  "This is not the end, it is not even the beginning of the end, but it is surely the end of the beginning..."

"Here here," say we!

The Donald has Landed

A  new era, a new dawn a new Commodore. After years waiting in the wings, Donald Buchanan finally took his rightful seat at the top table. As the old commodore was bundled unceremoniously out of the door in a sack, The Donald wasted no time in asserting his authority. "We are going to build a wall, a big, beautiful wall," he cried. And lo, outside the window there was indeed a wall being built even as the last items on the agenda were being discussed. At the time extending no more than a few hundred metres to seaward, the plan (subject to funding) will be to enclose the entire loch to keep out unwanted migrants from the South.

Over a pint of Dark and Stormy Daniels later at The Royal, our new leader laid out his vision for the future of the club in which he has been a member for nigh on 60 years. The full extent of that vision will be published in these pages before too long.

The first clue to what we can look forward to was a convivial evening of quizzery at which our new Commodore dazzled with his inventiveness. 2018 promises to be a year of fun and frivolity, with some sailing thrown in here and there.

Donald: The (Royal) Loch Broom Sailing Club salutes you.

Loki Goes to Rhidorroch (for a while)

Loki left the safety of Sandy's shed today, freshly painted and complete with safety helmet to protect her head! Apart from one or two minor issues (will tell all later) the transport to loch achall went smoothly and without a hitch! (Ha ha)
Looking forward to rowing her in new surroundings for a while! No tide to worry about at least :)
Photos courtesy of karen reeve :)