With Apologies to Masefield

Head Fever

I must go down to the heads again, to the broken seat and ask why
 Does the lid not fit and the pump not work, however hard I try ?

And the valve's stuck, and the vacuum's gone, and my guts are crying

For a peaceful sh*t, with a detailed book on lunar alts rising.

I MUST go down to the heads again, I can no longer be denied,
It's a wild call and a clear call, though I still retain my pride.

And all I need is one small container, perhaps a black rubber bucket,

A dash below, and then on deck, to leeward I will chuck it.

I MUST GO down to the heads again, the seal is quickly mended,
And the pipes are all cleared, and the outlet works as intended.

All I ask is that the suction sucks, and the smile upon my face
Will 'clipse the sun rising; it's not surprising, the heads is a calmer place.

Revised Constititution

Please will all members take a careful look at the proposed updated  LBSC constitution (see CONSTITUTION in the Pages sections above). 

Earlier this year the sailing club looked at becoming formally recognised as a "Community Amateur Sports Club" and ultimately decided not to pursue this.

However the process identified that some aspects of clubs constitution do not meet what is regarded as good practice. It was agreed by the committee that the changes recommended  should be included in our constitution; this is what is presented. 

The committee have also made a few other amendments to bring the constitution in line with our own custom and practice, rationalised the numbering and ironed out a couple of anomalies.  

In practice the new constitution will allow the sailing club to carry on as we always have done but should it need to be scrutinised (for example; as part of a fundraising application) it will be up to scratch.  

The committee's recommendation at a meeting on 14th January is to ask members to vote on the changes as a block at the AGM. If there is anything that you want clarifying can you please let Adrian Morgan or Paul Copestake know by 27th January.

Minutes of the Committee meeting at which the revised constitution was approved for presentation to members at the AGM are pasted below and also in the LATEST COMMITTEE MEETING MINUTES Page above.

Minutes Saturday 14th January 2017 at 4:00 pm

1.                      Apologies  - Neil, Gilly, Anthony.
Present – Adrian, Alison, John, Sandy, Paul D, Dave, Sandy, John O, Paul G-C,

2.                      Minutes of previous meeting (22nd Oct 2016) (Circulated before meeting and taken as read). Approved; Dave, seconded Paul D.

2.1.                  Matters Arising:   
                     a)             Christmas Lights, great success
                     b)             Sea survival provisionally set for Friday 24th February – PGC to confirm
                     c)             AGM - Buffet  Royal Hotel, 4th March.

3.                      Officers reports (Kept brief and to essentials)

3.1.                  Commodore:   -    Annual dinner at Ceilidh Place, no loss, good night, good food 57 Attended, booked for next year.
3.2.                  Treasurer -           Balance £9,322.  

4.                      Champions Comments (Capture brief highlights for the record)

4.1.                  Cruising (John O)                                                All boats out
4.2.                  Flying Fifteens (Adrian)                            Second club FF to have keel removed and put on roof.
4.3.                  Youth (David-Paul D-Alison)                    Some youth signed up for winter series sailing – mostly at Lochcarron, going well.  Need to fettle picos and feva before the start of the season.  Check trailer wheels.
4.4.                  Skiff (Paul C)                                            Rub down and paint in March.   

4.5.                  Clubhouse and surrounds (Donald)        Extend extension to be considered – new gas BBQ  need gas bottle – Water heater – (Chris Hall to fit, Adrian to chase.). 
Moorings -  bolts on pier – 16mm nuts and bolts.  Dinghys – carried forward Agreed that there should be a work day and curry night in the spring.

5.                      Constitution (Main Purpose of meeting)

5.1.                  Amendments required to update. As per last minutes although the club is not pursuing CASC registration the process identified a number of items in the constitution that required updating for the constitution to meet what is regarded as good practice.  The review also allowed a number of issues to be updated in line with what has become common practice in the club. 

5.2.                  Copies enclosed of old and new agenda circulated prior to the meeting as a spreadsheet to show changes side by side. Reviewed prior to the meeting by Paul, Gilly Andy.   Changes were all explained by PGC.

5.3.                  A few minor tweaks (and typos) corrected – committee approved the changes (Proposed Sandy, Seconded Donald).  The constitution will be circulated to members with an opportunity for members to comment but with a view to proposing that the revised constitution is adopted at the AGM.  PGC to forward to Adrian to circulate.

5.4.                  If there are any proposals for minor amendments, these can be considered by email prior to the AGM (27th January latest)

6.                      Committee to waive  requirement in the constitution (12b) that all office bearers and committee be proposed by 1st of February.  The committee agrees that members can be nominated as office bearers and for the committee on the night of the AGM.   Proposed John Osborne, Seconded Adrian.

7.                      2017 Sailing Plan

7.1.                  The draft plan to be circulated for comment to be finalised for the AGM.

8.                      AOB

Adrian has proposed that the club purchases George's mooring for £300.  This is with a view to passing it on to someone in the club.  Agreed

2017 AGM – proposal for 4th March (Royal with Buffet). More details to be circulated by Donald.


Get Sailing not Surfing

Screen time more dangerous for children than activities in Swallows and Amazons, warn academics 

The author of the first ever full-length study of Arthur Ransome’s classic adventure novel claims too much time surfing the net is far more deadly than sailing at night without a life jacket, because it fails to teach children how to fend for themselves or take risks.

It's about young people fending for themselves, taking risks, learning from mistakes. There were no mobile phones to summon help at the slightest upset, says Julian Lovelock.

Julian Lovelock, the former dean of arts and pro vice-chancellor of the University of Buckingham, where he lectured on Ransome, said children were spending increasing amounts of time using "gadgets and gizmos" and were not living in the real world.

“Sailing at night without life-jackets, wrecking their dinghy through a foolhardy misjudgement, crossing the stormy North Sea in a small boat, confronting the urban Hullaballoos: today’s health and safety police would have had apoplexy," he said.

"But it’s worth pondering whether the challenges and dangers of the outdoors are more or less dangerous than surfing the internet, and asking which is the better preparation for life.

“Research suggests children are spending less time than ever playing outside and more time than ever on screens. And how many new tablets, phones, or other gizmos have just arrived as Christmas gifts?

“Children have too much time in front of computer screens and too little freedom to go off exploring. There’s evidence that when children do get outdoors, it boosts their problem-solving skills, cooperation, focus and self-discipline.

"It's about young people fending for themselves, taking risks, learning from mistakes, and having to sort things out when things went wrong. There were no mobile phones to summon help at the slightest upset."

In his new book, entitled Swallows, Amazons and Coots Lovelock highlights how Ransome also had an adventurous life, which led him to pen 12 novels about the adventures of middle-class children in the British Empire.

Having escaped to Russia from a troubled marriage, he became a foreign correspondent for the Left-wing Daily News, shared a flat with the Bolshevik propagandist Karl Radek, became an agent for MI6 and married Trotsky’s secretary, Evgenia Shelepina.

He and Evgenia then travelled to England and set up home in the Lake District, where in 1929 Ransome wrote Swallows and Amazons.

Lovelock's views on screen time were echoed by the University of Buckingham's  vice-chancellor Sir Anthony Seldon, who is a leading campaigner on mental health.

"The mental health of today's children is at crisis point," said Sir Anthony.

"They are under enormous pressure and the temptation to spend too much time surfing the net, watching TV or playing computer games is difficult to resist.

"Playing outdoors regularly with others helps with resilience, leadership skills, building confidence and self-esteem. The children in Arthur Ransome's stories took some big risks.

"The younger generation of today face different types of risk - but just as big - because of the amount of time they are spending in front of screens."
Swallows, Amazons and Coots: a Reading of Arthur Ransome by Julian Lovelock is published by The Lutterworth Press.

Dates for Your New Year's Diary

March 4th, AGM, The Royal Hotel, 5.30pm to vote on a revised constitution,as minuted from last committee meeting (see blog).
NB A draft will be circulated in the coming weeks, and members will be given the opportunity to comment on proposed changes (see blog). The changes would bring the constitution into line with what is now regarded as good practice and to iron out a few anomalies (and contradictions) that have resulted from a number of ad hoc revisions to the original constitution, drafted in1972.
The AGM will be followed by A Right Royal Do, 7pm for 7.30pm, LBSC buffet with entertainment (more later...).
Tickets on sale soon from selected outlets (Adrian, Paul, Sandy, John and Donald): cost £20 p/p, deadline 20th February. All welcome, young and old, with guests. Skiffers (and -ettes) please join us.
We are aiming for at least 50 members and guests. Entertainment plans may include some or all of the following: a devious nautical quiz; naked raffle, Gaelic poetry readings; Polish dancing; Scottish country music but not, alas, unless members demand it, a Karaoke.
Ideas for further entertainments to the Entertainments Officer, Robert White.
Members will be encouraged (but not obliged) to dress up for the occasion, the theme being Royalty (Jessie Osborne may come as she is!).
And another one: Ceilidh Place, 16th December 2017! Book your tickets now!